What To Do When Your Sex Drive Is Greater Than His

What To Do When Your Sex Drive Is Greater Than His - 3 Tips To Get More Nookie From Your Man

All men want sex all the time.  Like – All.  The.  Time.  After all, they’re basically just sex-craved, walking penises, right?


Sure, lots of guys have high sex drives, but so do lots and lots of women.  In fact, in about 30% of couples, it’s the woman who has a higher sex drive than her man.

So what should you do if you find yourself in a relationship where you want sex a lot more often than he does?  How can you rev up his libido so he can take care of yours?

Here are 3 tips that will help you get more nookie whenever you want it.

1. Use Foreplay Throughout The Day

Believe it or not, a man’s sexual arousal doesn’t start in his penis.  It starts in his brain.  So, if you want him hot and heavy for you, it’s a good idea to get him revved up throughout the day with some sexy foreplay.

You don’t want to wait until bedtime to get him thinking dirty thoughts about you.  Nor do you want to jump on top of him when he’s in the middle of watching the Monday night football game, or you’ll probably be disappointed – no matter how damn hot and sexy you look butt naked in his lap.

An easy way to turn him on and get him sexually excited is through dirty talk.  And a great way to talk dirty to him throughout the day is via text message.  Grab some of the amazing and sexy texts from the Language of Desire and fire away.

2. Discover What Motivates Him Sexually

What turns your man on and makes him moan with pleasure?  When is his libido the highest?  Do you notice any patterns?

Maybe he’s the most sexually driven on the days he’s had a low-stress day.  Maybe seeing you come out of the shower butt naked and dripping wet gets him horny.  Maybe it’s watching you play with yourself.  Maybe it’s when you come on to him, reach into his pants, whisper dirty things in his ear, or try out new sex positions.

Your man may have a lower than normal libido, but he’s not dead.  Discover the things that seem to turn him on the most and use those to your advantage.

3. Expand Your Notion Of “Sexual Activity”

You don’t need intercourse to have sexual intimacy.  So if your man doesn’t want to “stick it in you” very often, then find other ways to be sexually close to him until he does.

Need ideas?  Ok, why not try…

  • Phone sex
  • Dirty talk and sexting
  • Sexy shower time
  • Reading or watching something dirty together
  • Grinding your bodies together on the dance floor
  • Shopping together for sex toys or erotic lingerie
  • Couples massage
  • Blowjobs and fingering

And, last but not least, don’t forget about handjobs.  Many men think an AMAZING handjob feels even better than sex.  If you’re worried your handjob techniques aren’t up to par, then use the Stroke of Genius.  It’s sure to get him hot, hard, and horny for you!

All of these things can help you feel more erotically connected to your man without the added pressure of intercourse.  Better yet, they may not begin with a red-hot romp in the sack, but they often END there.  Just have fun with it!

And, if after all that, you still aren’t getting what you need, then be sure to sit down and talk to him about it in a loving and understanding way.  Work together to figure out a course of action that ensures both of your needs are being met!

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