How To Attract The Perfect Woman…For YOU!

No woman is perfect, but she may just be perfect for YOU if you give her a chance!

No woman is perfect, but she may just be perfect for YOU if you give her a chance!

There are many right ways to do things – and there are also many ways that will only get you further away from what you want. It all starts with what you believe.

What you believe affects what you think, and your thoughts influence what you do, ultimately creating habits which become your character.  That is who you are.

Perfect…For YOU

No woman is perfect to all men, and no man is perfect to all women. No one is perfect; there is only someone that is perfect FOR you.

You must attract the perfect woman for you specifically. Do not ignore her just because other guys think she’s not a top pick. What they imagine as a perfect woman may not match what you value personally. The first step to attracting a perfect woman for you is to identify her.

Your Beliefs

Your core beliefs are in control of your life. If you have yet to consider what you truly believe makes a perfect woman, now is a good time to reflect. Society does not do a very good job in helping us develop healthy, productive relationships.

Conflicting Messages

She is working on becoming the best woman she knows how to be, but the pressure is on. The messages and advice she’s receiving are coming in from every direction. Her mother tells her one thing, society tells her what’s the norm, and her friends are most likely leading her aimlessly as they try to figure out life themselves.

It is your job to put her at ease and make her feel comfortable enough to just be herself.  Relationships are an opportunity to intimately identify with someone and continue to develop.

Unexpected Expectations

You must accept an imperfect woman. You do not need to compromise on core values, but if you want a true relationship with her, you must compromise on some things that are most likely to change over time.

Women are more emotional and men are more visual. Just because she’s not a model doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to her. There are benefits to women being emotional.  For example, they are naturally intuitive.

When it feels right, she’ll feel it – and you’ll know it because you’ll see it.

What Women Really Want

Most women are not what they are portrayed to be. They do not want a perfect man.

All a woman really wants is to feel the intimate connection with a man who cares about her and makes her feel comfortable just being herself.  You can learn more about creating the connection that makes a woman giver herself to a man both physically and emotionally by visiting this Girlfriend Activation System review.

She’s Right In Front Of You

Once you have decided what you believe makes a woman perfect for you, you then will realize she could be anywhere. Know what you want (what you will accept and what you wont) and you will be successful in finding her.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

The trick is to not look too hard for her.  Let her come to you.

Once you have identified what it is you desire in a woman, the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (also known as frequency illusion) will begin to take place. This phenomenon is that in which something newly identified seemingly appears more frequent.  You just may not have been consciously open and aware of the alternative perspective before.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Do the things you genuinely like to do and go places where you enjoy yourself; that’s how you will find the woman that is perfect for you.

By doing things you like, you will be naturally attracting a woman that will fit into your life perfectly. Don’t be afraid to give a woman a chance, and if she’s not what you were looking for, just tell her she’s an awesome person and wish her the best.