What To Do When Your Sex Drive Is Greater Than His

What To Do When Your Sex Drive Is Greater Than His - 3 Tips To Get More Nookie From Your Man

All men want sex all the time.  Like – All.  The.  Time.  After all, they’re basically just sex-craved, walking penises, right?


Sure, lots of guys have high sex drives, but so do lots and lots of women.  In fact, in about 30% of couples, it’s the woman who has a higher sex drive than her man.

So what should you do if you find yourself in a relationship where you want sex a lot more often than he does?  How can you rev up his libido so he can take care of yours?

Here are 3 tips that will help you get more nookie whenever you want it.

1. Use Foreplay Throughout The Day

Believe it or not, a man’s sexual arousal doesn’t start in his penis.  It starts in his brain.  So, if you want him hot and heavy for you, it’s a good idea to get him revved up throughout the day with some sexy foreplay.

You don’t want to wait until bedtime to get him thinking dirty thoughts about you.  Nor do you want to jump on top of him when he’s in the middle of watching the Monday night football game, or you’ll probably be disappointed – no matter how damn hot and sexy you look butt naked in his lap.

An easy way to turn him on and get him sexually excited is through dirty talk.  And a great way to talk dirty to him throughout the day is via text message.  Grab some of the amazing and sexy texts from the Language of Desire and fire away.

2. Discover What Motivates Him Sexually

What turns your man on and makes him moan with pleasure?  When is his libido the highest?  Do you notice any patterns?

Maybe he’s the most sexually driven on the days he’s had a low-stress day.  Maybe seeing you come out of the shower butt naked and dripping wet gets him horny.  Maybe it’s watching you play with yourself.  Maybe it’s when you come on to him, reach into his pants, whisper dirty things in his ear, or try out new sex positions.

Your man may have a lower than normal libido, but he’s not dead.  Discover the things that seem to turn him on the most and use those to your advantage.

3. Expand Your Notion Of “Sexual Activity”

You don’t need intercourse to have sexual intimacy.  So if your man doesn’t want to “stick it in you” very often, then find other ways to be sexually close to him until he does.

Need ideas?  Ok, why not try…

  • Phone sex
  • Dirty talk and sexting
  • Sexy shower time
  • Reading or watching something dirty together
  • Grinding your bodies together on the dance floor
  • Shopping together for sex toys or erotic lingerie
  • Couples massage
  • Blowjobs and fingering

And, last but not least, don’t forget about handjobs.  Many men think an AMAZING handjob feels even better than sex.  If you’re worried your handjob techniques aren’t up to par, then use the Stroke of Genius.  It’s sure to get him hot, hard, and horny for you!

All of these things can help you feel more erotically connected to your man without the added pressure of intercourse.  Better yet, they may not begin with a red-hot romp in the sack, but they often END there.  Just have fun with it!

And, if after all that, you still aren’t getting what you need, then be sure to sit down and talk to him about it in a loving and understanding way.  Work together to figure out a course of action that ensures both of your needs are being met!

How To Make A Man Want You More Than Anyone Else

A Man And Woman Cuddling

Have an unbreakable connection with your man!

If you’re one of the millions of women at wits end trying to get a guy to commit and settle down, don’t be discouraged.

First of all, you’re not alone. Guys don’t have a natural predilection for commitment, and it can be incredibly challenging to lasso that special someone into an exclusive relationship.

Second of all, there’s hope! There are definitely ways to get your man’s attention (try these obsession phrases for example), and if you’re looking to find out how to make a man want you more than anyone else or how to get him ready to commit to a serious and stable relationship with you and only you, there are certain time-tested techniques that are incredibly effective at snagging that special guy.

Here’s how to make a man want you more than anyone else.

1. Identify What Turns Him On

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many women don’t pay any attention to this crucial step. You need to find out exactly what turns your man on and then make an effort to incorporate those things into your everyday routine.

So, for example, if your man likes a sporty look, adjust your wardrobe accordingly. If your man’s turned on by the stereotypical sexy librarian, tailor your appearance to his taste.

Now, this is important: make sure you’re comfortable with these adjustments, and don’t change who you are as an individual in the process.

If you change too much and alter your personality and appearance too dramatically, the relationship won’t have any solid ground to build from. So try to find a happy medium of his turn ons and your personality, and go out of your way to display that to him whenever possible.

2. Find Out What Makes You Irreplaceable

Here’s the thing: if your connection with a man is strong enough, no pretty eyes or shapely rear end will tear him away from you. If you want a man to want you more than anyone else, go out of your way to develop the particular intimacy with him that makes you absolutely indispensable in his life.

This doesn’t mean lengthy talks or deep discussions about the meaning of life. It just means showing him you’re there for him, you understand him, and you’re not going anywhere. If he views you as his confidant who actually understands him, then he’ll be all the more inclined to make that commitment you’re looking for.

3. Maintain Your Independence

The best way to send a guy running for the hills is to act codependently. If you behave as though he’s the absolute center of your universe, as though you’re incapable of functioning as an individual without him, it will turn him off. A long-term relationship with you suddenly feels like one long trail of neediness and nagging.

Be sure you maintain your independence, and live life as your own person. Show him you want him, but you’re not dependent on him. An independent woman is a sexy woman.

How To Attract Your Soul Mate


Finding your soul mate often starts with finding yourself and discovering who you really are and what you truly want out of life.

“You can’t control others, but only yourself.”

This is a phrase you’ll often encounter in self-help guides.

If you’re in a relationship and there’s something that you don’t like, there’s a huge possibility that it’s a result of your past decisions. You had a choice and making the right choice requires wisdom.

We often sacrifice ourselves just to keep up with the pace of life and to keep things running smoothly. We have so much to deal with– family, work, school, etc. Likewise, this could also hinder us from being our true selves when we’re in public, and it’s where most of our relationships start.

Furthermore, everything done during the course of a relationship was already decided by us, ranging from the person we’re going to date, to when to have sex. The decisions you make have a huge impact on who you are as a person. If done carelessly, time will come and you’ll slowly be disconnected to who you really are.

Here are the tips that could help you prevent that from happening:

1. Be mindful

Have a look at your past relationships and determine where it went wrong. It could be big fights, prioritizing your work over your partner, or whatever moments that had a negative effect on the relationship.

In these events, try to remember how you resolved it. Did it change the relationship for the better or for the worse?

For example: You accidentally got pregnant, and he’s not ready yet. So, you got rid of the baby. Although you and your partner stayed together, you were slowly drifting apart.

Having this kind of recollection is not easy, but you still need to do it.

2. Be aware of your decision patterns

What influenced you to commit those past decisions? Was it shame, fear, or to avoid arguments?  Most of our decisions are based on the outcome that we expect to happen.

For example: You’ve decided to get rid of the baby because you don’t want to lose the relationship out of fear. You hoped that it’ll help you get closer, but it turned out to be the opposite.

Try to reach the core of the reasons of your decisions. In this case, it’s fear. See if you’ve been making the same decisions with your past relationships.

3. Swap out your negative traits

As you figure out the mistakes you’ve committed, you’ll be able to change yourself for the better.  Most of your decisions were influenced by negative traits, and the only way to prevent them from happening again is by being honest with yourself.

Embrace each of your negative traits, but try to change them into positive ones. If your past decisions were based on the fear of rejection, change them and learn to accept your flaws.

4. Be positive

This could be hard, but try your best to do it. Your negative traits are connected to a positive flip side and you should focus on that.

For instance, you’re afraid of being single and lonely. Change that and be happy with your own company. Practice personal freedom and know that it’s only you who can help yourself.  This would slowly direct you into a better love life.

5. Acknowledge yourself

You are the captain of your own ship. Don’t let others tell you what to do.

Likewise, what they think is less important than what you think of yourself. Act the way you want, not the way society tells you.  Embrace who you are and do what you do best.

The key is, know who you are, understand yourself, your actions, and your decisions. By doing this, you’ll be able to understand others and will have the ability to connect with them.

It could either be a deeper connection or something that’s more shallow. Whatever it is, this would allow you to figure out which connections are worth keeping and which ones are not.

5 Ways To End A Text Conversation Before You Kill The Attraction

If you want to keep the attraction going, end a text conversation when it's going really good instead of waiting until it gets stale and boring.

If you want to keep the attraction going, end a text conversation when it’s going really good instead of waiting until it gets stale and boring.

Picture this…

You are sitting idly at the bar waiting for your drink.  You suddenly turn your head and lock eyes with the incredibly attractive person who just walked in the door.

Fireworks start to explode and time seems to stop.  You gaze at each other for what seems like an eternity, cementing the instant connection the two of you have.

You turn your head away from the mesmerizing gaze to think about something clever to say, but before you know it, the person is sitting next to you and breaks the ice with a question.

You instantly smile and start a conversation. In those few minutes of chatting with this person, you realize that both of you are interested in each other. But then your drink arrives and your table of friends starts to call you over – making you wish you went out by yourself tonight.

So now what?

You don’t want to say goodbye right away as you obviously want to get this person’s number. You awkwardly say a few things and voila! Both of you exchange numbers and the anticipation of a romantic prospect begins.

Obey The Law of Seduction

You’re probably a seasoned dater or flirt when it comes to face to face conversations, but in today’s age, the text message has become a make-or-break in the world of dating.

When ending a text conversation, keep in mind the most basic law of seduction: keep the person wanting more.

Nothing works more in keeping a person interested than to keep them guessing. This means after a few flirty and clever messages, abruptly end the conversation before things get boring.

Most people wait too long to end text conversations.  The best time to end one isn’t when things start to die down and get boring, but rather right at the peak of the conversation when things are going really, really good.

For example, maybe you just said something really funny and the other person responded with, “OMG! I’m LMAO right now!  Seriously, I’m almost in tears!”  That’s actually an excellent time to end the conversation if you want to maximize attraction.

Why?  Because at that very moment, the other person is having a really great time talking to you.  You’ve ramped up the attraction, and they want to keep talking to you.

When you suddenly end the conversation, it leaves them wanting more and they’re going to spend the rest of the night thinking about you and waiting eagerly for your next text.

If you wait until the conversation gets slow and boring, then all the attraction dies with it.

If you’re at a loss for ideas about how to quickly end the conversation without sounding rude, here are 5 text exit strategies that really work:


End the conversation by texting: XOXO.

It’s a universal and symbolic way of saying hugs and kisses.  Ending a message with XOXO shows them you are interested and comfortable enough around them to send over graphic hugs and kisses without coming across too strong or too lovey dovey.

2. TTYL, I’m Driving

Whether you are or you’re not driving, texting the person “TTYL, I’m Driving,” will definitely end the conversation on a positive note.

TTYL stands for “Talk to you later,” and you’ll definitely leave the other person guessing what “Later” means – Once you’ve stopped driving? Once you get home?  Sometime tomorrow?

And the fact that texting while driving is not only illegal, but seriously dangerous, will definitely give the other person the right message that he or she doesn’t need to reply back.  Everyone with any common sense will understand why you can’t text back if you’re driving.

3. Ooops, Someone Just Popped In

When you don’t want to answer the person’s question or you simply want to end the conversation, texting “Someone just popped in,” tells them that you’re busy with your immediate surroundings and have stuff going on.  It shows that you have a life.

The main thought of you giving someone else your undivided attention will certainly stir their curiosity – “Is it a boy or girl?;” “Is it an ex?;” “Or a potential lover?” Never tell them who it is – making them even more curious than they already are.

4. That’s It For Now

When the other person is asking you lots of questions, stop the conversation by being a little tease and text: “Sorry, but that’s all you’re getting for now.”  Put a wink behind it so they know you’re not mad and are being playful.

Not answering their every question will give you an air of mystery and exclusivity – there’s always power in silence.

But don’t be a prude by saying no for good – tease the other person by giving them a clue to your answer to their question. When you close the door, leave a window open.

5. Got To Go, But What do You Think About…?

End the conversation with a question. This will certainly make the other person answer your question, but without making you feel guilty if you don’t reply back.

This will leave the other person hanging and will keep them looking at their phone to see if you’ve responded since they’re already invested in the conversation. You can opt to reply after work, or at the end of the day, but don’t let days go by without answering back.

Ending a text conversation that’s becoming dull or leading nowhere is an excellent idea to keep the chemistry alive. These are also great tips for when you’re not in the mood, or if you’re tired and sleepy.

Before you continue the conversation for the sake of exchanging messages, use these exit strategies to keep that person aching for more, and keep the fire of curiosity burning.

Is My Relationship Over? 4 Signs You’re On The Edge Of Doom

When the newness wears off, will your relationship be strong enough to survive the stresses of daily life?

When the newness wears off, will your relationship be strong enough to survive the stresses of daily life?

Have you ever had the feeling that your mate isn’t invested in the relationship 100% with you?  We’ll, if your answer is yes, keep reading.

Many people with relationship problems go through such phases.  Your partner may not be communicating openly with you.  They may not be upfront with you about how they really feel and you may also have secrets of your own.  Such communication problems are a recipe for disaster in any relationship since they create suspicion and harbor resentment.  This, in turn, takes away from the affection and attraction you should be feeling toward each other.

It’s also important to note that most people don’t like confronting their partners in fear of looking insecure or mistrusting.  Also, many people aren’t sure if they are just being paranoid or if they are justified to feel what they feel.

This leads us to a very important question; how do you know when things aren’t working out in your relationship?  To answer this question, below are 4 signs to look for.

1. Your partner’s attentiveness towards you has slacked

This is by far one of the most obvious signs that your relationship is headed for doom.  If your partner used to shower you with compliments and did things to make you feel special but they don’t do it anymore, it’s a clear sign they have shifted their energy and focus to something or someone else.

2. You’re always the one taking initiative

This is another clear sign of a doomed relationship.  If both of you used to be eager to see each other, spend time together, do things for each other etc., and you’re currently the one taking initiative all the time, your relationship is clearly taking a dead-end turn.  A cheating spouse or a spouse who is bored in the relationship will never go out of the way for you.  When they stop paying attention to you, the initiative also goes with it.

3. Your partner seems to be more distracted than usual when you are together

Also, if the number of phone calls and text messages your partner is receiving has increased, then your relationship may very well be headed for doom.  Phone calls and texts that were once ignored when both of you were alone together are now extremely urgent.  Your partner’s attention may have shifted to their phone, tablet, or another gadget.  If they seem more interested in checking their inbox, then spending meaningful one-on-one time with you, then clearly a disconnect is taking place.

4. Your partner’s whereabouts are questionable most of the time

If you can’t tell where your partner is most of the time or their explanations don’t add up, then you have a valid reason to be concerned.  Before most breakups, spouses/partners tend to be uncooperative.  Your spouse/partner may stop telling you where they are or get defensive when you ask.  They may even resort to lying simply because they know you wouldn’t be happy about their escapades especially if they involve things you wouldn’t normally do in a relationship.

Above are some of the things you should look out for when you want to know for sure if your partner or spouse isn’t as vested as you are in the relationship.  Trust your gut if you feel like something is off.  It probably is.