5 Amazing Pick Up Lines That Work (Almost) Every Time


Do you know what to say to get her to talk to you?

Over the years as a relationship advisor, I have been constantly telling my clients that pick up lines are one of the worst ways to attract women. The reality is that women see right through bad lines.


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If you want to develop a sustainable relationship, you have to start by building trust. You will be unable to get her to trust you if you start the relationship by reciting a creepy pick up line that she has heard a million times.

However, there are phrases you can use that can start a conversation that can lead to a healthy relationship. Breaking the ice with a stranger can be hard, but you can get started off on the right foot by using a pick up line that is proven to work.

Here are 5 you’ll want to have ready whenever you need them.

1. “Wow, nice X!”

Like all people, women love getting compliments. Most women view a simple compliment about their appearance as a harmless gesture of kindness.

The reality is that women really like when men show their appreciation for how they look. As a result, women will be more likely to be interested in you when they get the praise they feel that they deserve.  However, it is very important for you to avoid looking disingenuous.

Many men have tried to use similar lines to get her to like them. If the girl is very attractive, she has probably heard pick up lines similar to this one before.

The goal is to conceal that your opener is a pick up line. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that the item you are complimenting her about is really worthy of a compliment. Clothing, backpacks, and shoes can make for great conversation starters.

2. “I think you are big trouble!”

You have to be charismatic to pull this one off, but it really can work. This pick up line has to be used with a wide smile and a flirtatious tone.  If you do not say this line perfectly, you could easily creep her out right from the start.

Girls may consciously believe that they do not like being teased, but the reality is that a woman’s natural instincts can draw her to a stranger who taunts her. Teasing implies confidence and experience with women.

When men are experienced, they are likely to be alpha males. Therefore, teasing her that she looks like trouble can be an effective way to get her turned on to the idea of talking to you. From there, you have your opportunity to take the new relationship to the next level.

3. “I wasn’t expecting food here.”

On some occasions, it may be advantageous to start out with a perfectly natural line. When you mention that you were not expecting food at the party, you can expect that she will view you as a harmless man.   Once you have her attention, you can proceed to convert her into your next girlfriend.

This strategy can be very effective with women who are shy or at events that make pick up lines inappropriate. A line like this also shows that you have the confidence to take the initiative to start a conversation.

Girls like a man who can protect her. When she sees that you are an outgoing man, she will become more interested in you as a boyfriend.

4. “Can you hold my drink while I go to the bathroom?”

There is nothing more natural than asking a girl to hold your drink. Leaving a drink exposed to other party guests can be a dangerous proposition.  Girls who hear this line will see you as a careful man worthy of their attention.

In most situations, there is no need to actually go to the bathroom. Once she giggles in response, start drawing her in with your pick up skills.

5. “Nice to meet you, can I take you out?”

Sometimes the best strategy is to just hit the nail square on the head. Some girls can get turned on by the confidence that a pick up line like this implies.

Girls realize that you will get immediately rejected more than half the time by using this line. However, some girls can also get turned on by this same fact. If you have the confidence to pull it off, give this line a try at the next party.

Next time you see a girl you want to approach, remember to try some of these lines. They can be a very effective way to earn a new girlfriend or start a one-night stand. Show her that you are worth her attention, and she will have no choice but to beg for more.