10 Best Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

Man With His Girlfriend On A DockImagine if you could get one simple tip that would put you one step closer to getting the girlfriend you want. Even better, what if you could get 10 of the best tips on how to get a girlfriend and be in a quality relationship in no time?

You’d probably be pretty excited, right?

Lucky for you, these tips are exactly what you’re getting today. The best part? It’s all for free.

Read on to get these ten tips and stick around for one more bonus tip at the end of this post.

Tip #1. Go directly to the source.

According to Men’s Fitness, if you want to meet the type of woman who will be your best match, then you need to go where she goes.

Sit down and imagine who your ideal girl is. Don’t focus so much on what she looks like. What’s important here is to find out what kind of person she is.

After you’ve figured that out, envision what her daily activities would be like. Is she the type who loves writing poetry in coffee shops? Do you think she’d be spending afternoons at an indoor rock climbing gym? Yoga classes? The local dog park? Bar hopping?

Now, go to these places and be open to approaching and meeting women you find attractive. Just make sure you conduct yourself in the most gentlemanly manner, so you don’t creep anyone out.

Tip #2. Date lots of women until you find the right one.

If you’re looking for “The One”, it might seem counterintuitive to follow this tip. However, you need to throw conventional wisdom into the wind and date a lot of women while you’re single.

This tip serves two purposes. First, you don’t always get it right on the first try. Sometimes you find that the “perfect girl” you met at the bookstore turns out to be someone you have nothing in common with after a few dates. It’s kind of like playing the lottery: “The more entries, the greater your chances of winning.” This same wisdom applies to meeting the girl of your dreams.

Second, dating multiple women at the same time prevents you from coming off as too needy or clingy. If you’re seeing only one woman, it’s easy to overwhelm her with emotional needs and demands that she might not be ready for yet.

Here’s the take home point: by dating several women until you find your perfect match, you’re choosing to be with the woman you want instead of choosing not to be alone. See the difference?

Tip #3. Create deep friendships with other women.

It’s very common to hear men complain that they “don’t understand women”. The solution to this problem? Learn as much about women as you can until you find out what makes them tick.

The best way to understand women is not by reading a self-help book or signing up for one-on-one love coaching. What you need to do is hang out with other women and create deep friendships with them.

Even though all women are unique, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to get top-quality advice on what women do and do not like. That kind of information is more valuable than anything a self-help book can dole out. If you wanted to learn about cars, you’d hang out with a mechanic.

If you want to understand women, hang out with lots of women.

Tip #4. Learn to love being alone.

Expanding on what we said in Tip #2, no one wants to know that you’re with them because you’re afraid of being alone. At the same time, you aren’t being fair to yourself when you settle for someone just for the sake of saying you’re no longer alone.

The first step to loving being alone is to love yourself. You need to build up your self-worth and self-confidence to a point where you’re no longer anxious about being alone. Love yourself and enjoy your own company while being completely open to letting another person into your life. Women can sense this confidence, and it’s definitely a turn-on.

Tip #5. Take care of yourself.

Aside from taking care of yourself psychologically, you also need to take care of yourself physically and be aware of the image you portray. One of the biggest turn-offs for women is men who do not care about their physical appearance.

This doesn’t mean that if you aren’t some Adonis, you’re out of luck in the girlfriend department. This simply means that you need to groom yourself thoroughly, keep your fingernails clean, your hair trimmed, your clothes neat and well-fitting, and maybe work out once in a while. In a woman’s mind, if you don’t care enough to take care of yourself, how are you going to care enough to take care of another person?

When you take pride in your appearance and personal hygiene, it gives you confidence and women will notice and be naturally attracted to you.

Tip #6. Be genuinely into her.

When you feign interest in a woman, you’re only delaying an inevitable parting of ways. If your goal is to be a perpetual bachelor, this won’t be of any concern to you. However, if you want to be in a long-term committed relationship and actually get a girlfriend, you need to be genuinely interested in your potential partner and open to learning about the things she loves.

When you start dating someone, do your best to understand who she is, what she does, what she likes and doesn’t like, and what her dreams and goals are. Be genuinely interested in learning more about her and be open to telling her about yourself as well.

It’s a good sign when many of these interests intersect. If you have absolutely nothing in common, you’re better off moving on. As a plus, when a woman sees this sincerity, she’s more likely to take you seriously.

Tip #7. Don’t be a fake.

Don’t. Just don’t. Women can generally detect a faker from a mile away. Showing a woman your true self is just as important as being genuinely interested in her. This way, you both can gauge if you’re a match.

If you make yourself seem like someone you’re not, you only succeed in robbing yourself of the chance to meet someone who is actually right for you.

Tip #8. Speak and act like a gentleman.

On EliteDaily.com, relationship coach Eddy Baller, shares tips on how other men can learn from the way he met his own girlfriend. One of his tips: to attract women who want to be in long-term, loving relationships, you need to speak and act like a gentleman.

Speak in a voice that conveys confidence but that is also relaxed and soothing. Approach her with the same confidence, and pay her respect by not using a cheesy line or cheap gimmick to get her attention.

When you first speak to a potential date, be direct and tactful but also sincere and respectful. Listen to what she says, ask appropriate questions, and contribute meaningfully to your conversation. The key here is to pay attention and treat her with the utmost respect.

Tip #9. Make her feel safe without being overprotective (or creepy).

Historically, society demands that men be physically strong, assertive, and be able to provide for and protect women. While there’s never a good reason to go full caveman on a woman, it’s always a good thing to make your potential girlfriend feel safe when she’s with you. You also want to convey that even if you’re still dating, her safety and comfort is your number one priority.

That said, this isn’t your go signal to wait outside the women’s bathroom until she’s done using it, bar her from going to places if you’re not able to escort her, or demand as-it-happens updates of her day. Doing all that is the fastest way to a break-up and possibly a restraining order.

#10 Be kind.

When AskMen.com polled women about their biggest turn-offs when it came to men, being rude to waiters, tuning out while she’s speaking, being selfish, being bigoted, ignoring her jokes, not making her come during sex, and always insisting to have the last word made their top 20 list.

What should be your take-away from this list? Women hate it when you’re unkind to her and to others. To convince a woman that you’re good boyfriend material, be nice to her, anticipate and respond to her needs, be a generous lover, show people in the service industry respect, and just generally be a nice and decent human being.

BONUS! Tip #11. Play hard to get.

Need one more of the best tips on how to get a girlfriend? Play hard to get.

When YourTango.com asked some of their female users how men can win over the ladies, many backed up the common belief that you want what you can’t get. The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V2), the most popular online program for teaching men how to get a girlfriend step by step, also echoes this sentiment and lists “mysteriousness” as one of the six major character traits men need in order to exude masculine power and naturally attract women. By remaining a bit mysterious, men become more desirable to women.

It’s all about creating an “information gap” about yourself. According to research from Carnegie Mellon University, people are extremely motivated to fill information gaps on topics they like and devote a large chunk of their attention to closing it.

What does this mean in the dating world? The next time you’re trying to leave a good impression on a woman, give her enough information about yourself to establish a connection, but leave out enough to intrigue her. In no time, she’ll be scrambling to spend time with you to learn more about you.

Once you’ve got her attention, you also need to play hard to get by making her work a little for your time. Don’t neglect your friends, your personal goals, and your individuality when you’re dating someone.

Instead, tell her that while it’s important to spend time together, it is equally important that you both not completely abandon your dreams, interests, and responsibilities for the sake of your relationship. If the girl you’re dating is committed to striking this delicate balance with you, chances are you’ve already got the girl of your dreams.

For the most part, getting a girlfriend isn’t some mysterious and intricate science that only relationship experts can decode. At the core of it, the best way to get a girlfriend is to find someone you’re genuinely interested in, take care of yourself, be a decent human being, and respect her and yourself enough to not let the world revolve solely around your relationship.